Food Service | Acute Care Hospitals

Food Service | Acute Care Hospitals

CBORD®'s fully integrated foodservice solutions give your facility the tools necessary to improve margins, re-energize service, and increase employee, guest, and patient satisfaction. Reduce your food costs, minimize repetitive tasks, facilitate data-driven decision making, and simplify access to unit-based applications—all with one robust solution for anything from menu planning to nutritional analysis, production management to distribution, and more.

Foodservice Suite®

Automate your foodservice operation and manage your inventory using Foodservice Suite®. The program works to lower your costs, manage productivity and reduce waste across the entire operation.


A simple web-based extension of Foodservice Suite® (FSS) allowing users to place all of their orders without having FSS installed.


NetNutrition® is an online solution putting nutritional information at your employees’ or guests’ fingertips, allowing them to view menu offerings and allergen information.