Patient Meal Ordering | Acute Care Hospitals

Patient Meal Ordering | Acute Care Hospitals

Provide hotel-style room service meal options to your hospitalís patients and guests with options to take orders at the bedside or through a call center.

Room Service Choice™

Room Service Choice® offers a web-based mobile meal ordering application accessible from any web browser, including an iPad® or other mobile tablets. You can offer meal selections at the bedside or in a call center for multiple types of meal service.

Tray Monitor®

Visually track tray delivery status in real-time across an entire operation to improve workflow.

Room Service Choice™ 200

Designed for hospitals with under 200 beds, Room Service Choice® 200 with On-Demand Service lets you create restaurant-style menus that give your patients hotel-style room service that is diet and allergy compliant.

Mobile Intake™

Mobile Intake™ is a web-based application that fights malnutrition by recording and reporting on patients' nutritional intakes.

Room Service Concero®

Room Service Concero® works to connect CBORD Room Service to your interactive patient care education or entertainment systems.