CBORD Solutions for Acute Care Hospitals

CBORD's acute care hospital solutions provide the tools needed to improve safety and patient satisfaction scores, increase revenue, and reduce overall cost of managing food service and nutrition operations. Our comprehensive solutions, include nutrition software, clinically-based hospital room service, food service management software, online and kiosk ordering, and cashless systems. CBORD solutions are installed at acute care hospitals worldwide.

Cashless Solutions

CBORDís cashless systems solutions
Increase retail sales. CBORD's cashless systems provide everything you need, including payroll deduction, declining balance, gift card programs, and more!

Nutrition Service Solutions

Nutrition Service | Acute Care Hospitals
Nutrition service solutions give your facility the tools needed to support a wide variety of patient ordering options and clinical nutrition services.

Food Service Solutions

Food Service | Acute Care Hospitals
Foodservice solutions work to simplify and optimize menu planning and nutritional analysis to help manage increasingly complex foodservice operations.

Patient Meal Ordering Solutions Including Room Service

Patient Meal Ordering | Acute Care Hospitals
Provide hotel-style room service to your hospitalís patients and guests with options to take orders at the bedside or through a call center.

Retail Management Software

CBORD Retail Management Solutions for Healthcare
Retail management solutions provide you with all the tools needed to manage any number of convenience retail operations within your hospital.

Online and Kiosk-based Ordering Solutions

CBORD solutions for online hospital kiosk food ord
Satisfy the changing needs of your employees and guests while maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations with online and hospital kiosk-based food ordering solutions.

Integrated Security Solutions

CBORD solutions for facility-wide, integrated security
Decrease theft at the point of sale, monitor and control access to highly sensitive areas such as the pediatric unit, and improve overall security at your facility with CBORDís Integrated Security Solutions (ISS) for healthcare sites just like yours!

Catering Solutions

Catering | Acute Care Hospitals
Simplify all aspects of catering, meeting space, and event management with catering solutions.